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NanoLC-MS/MS and GeLC-MS: Protein Identification For Protein Mixture




NanoLC-MS/MS is a powerful technique used for many applications which has very high sensitivity and specificity. Our service focuses on protein identification of protein complex ranging from 1D gel band to whole cell lysate.

For Moderate to high complexity samples, we also offer protein fractionations which fractionate proteins by either pI or Molecular weight. Nano-LCMSM coupled with protein fractionation is advantageous for protein mixtures in identification of more interesting or less abundant proteins in your sample.

Sample types:
1) Low complexity samples: 1D gel band - Contain only one gel piece with one protein band, no bigger than 1x1x5mm in size, <10 proteins
2) Moderate complexity samples: protein mixture such as column purified sample, <100 proteins
3) Moderate to High complexity samples: Protein mixtures such as subcellular organelles, IP samples with 100 - 500 proteins
4) High complexity samples: whole cell lysate, tissue, and others with more than 500 protein mix

Protein Mixture (1D Gel bands or Liquid samples)


Protein Fractionation by pI or Mw (optional)
Reduction/alkylation &
Trypsin Digestion

Database Search for Protein ID