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Identification of Phosphorylation Site




This service works best with purified phosphorylated proteins, samples can be sent to us in-gel or in solution. In addition, customer will provide the amino acid sequence or accession number of the target protein.

Identification of Phosphorylation-site on a single protein involves enriching phosphorylated peptides followed by mass spectrometry. The enrichment is critical since phosphorylated proteins often represent 1-2% of the total protein population. The presence of a phosphorylated residue is confirmed by the MSMS peak showing the loss of phosphate.

Gel Bands/Spots or Liquid samples

Gel bands/spots 
Reduction/Alkylation & Trypsin Digestion

Reduction/Alkylation & Trypsin Digestion
Phosphorylated Peptide Enrichment

Phosphorylated peptide enrichment
Identification of Phosphorylated peptide site
Identification of Phosphorylation Site
Database Search for Phosphorylated Site Modification